What is EPIC

Who We Are

EPIC is a student church on campus that journeys with people at the U of A, together finding our place in the “epic” story of God, humanity, and the universe.

We believe that being a “Christian” is a 24/7 lifestyle–not just for Sundays, or even Tuesdays–and that it’s meant to be lived in community with other people. EPIC is an organic, grassroots movement that was initiated by U of A students who started gathering in November of 2007 to brainstorm ways of redefining church and what it means to be Christ-followers in Canada, particularly on our university campus. That led into the formation of an official student group, EPIC Student Church, and the launch of a new church community on campus on September 23rd, 2008 (which happened to be the U of A’s 100th birthday–is that “epic” or what!). EPIC is by no means complete; we are continually learning (making mistakes, and doing some things well), growing, and morphing. Why don’t you join us for the journey?

What We're About

Specifically, EPIC seeks to accomplish three main objectives:

Grow Community
We highly value loving, meaningful relationships with other people. As a living, organic community, we want to grow in the quality and quantity of relationships we have with others. To describe the many ways we attempt to grow community would take up an entire webpage, so we’ve created a separate one for it! Check out our Community Page.

Better Our World
We believe in taking action to better our world according to Christian principles. This begins with each of us discovering our talents and passions and whole
heartedly using them in our immediate contexts: family, friends, neighbourhood, school, work, city, province, country, world…. It involves taking action in areas like faith, humanitarian aid (including action to alleviate poverty), environmentalism, politics, better business practices, academics, arts, social relationships, recreation, and pretty much every other partof society. To see specific examples of how world-changing action is finding expression through our church community, check out our Community Page (again).

Know God

Encouraging regular individual and group involvement in classic spiritual disciplines like prayer, meditation, study, fasting, service, confession, and celebration–in our weekly church gatherings, and in everyday individual or group experiences.
We desire to grow in an experiential knowledge of God through an intimate, everyday relationship with Him through Jesus Christ. We do that by:
Encouraging a life-perspective that sees every activity in daily life as a potential for meaningful worship to God.
Sharing stories from our life journeys with others–in weekly church gatherings, and in everyday encounters with others.


As we’ve already said, EPIC is 
an organic, grassroots movement initiated at the University of Alberta, by U of A students and staff. That’s not to say that we stand alone, however.

EPIC is officially affiliated with:               
*Although EPIC embraces its Pentecostal roots, we are by no means exclusive. To us, EPIC is far more about welcoming people than excluding anyone.


We would love to have you become an official member of the EPIC Community!
There are no fees for becoming an EPIC member. You simply have to read through a copy of the EPIC Constitution, and sign a membership form acknowledging that you agree to act in harmony with it.

Keep in mind that you do not have to be an official member to attend most EPIC gatherings and events, although non-members are excluded from official business meetings and leadership involvement.

View the EPIC Constitution (see file below)
View the EPIC Membership Form (see file below)

Send any questions or membership concerns to info@epicstudentchurch.com.
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Jan 25, 2016, 8:16 AM
Matthew Glombick,
Jan 25, 2016, 8:14 AM