EPIC Gatherings

Weekly EPIC Student Church Gatherings 6:30 p.m. Tuesday Nights @ Dewey’s Coffee Bar, Lounge, & Eatery (Click here for Map)

What you can expect at EPIC Gatherings (it’s not your typical ‘songs and a sermon’ church service!):
  • Collaborative, student-oriented leadership.
  • A relaxed, relationally-focused setting with small round tables and chairs, no cathedral or big-stage theatre setting.
  • Great conversations and opportunities to meet new people in a casual atmosphere–with a beer or latte in hand.
  • Live interviews with passionate individuals from both within and outside of the U of A community.
  • Opportunities to get involved in social action and other community groups and initiatives on campus, in Edmonton, and beyond
  • Meaningful worship liturgies that enhance a mystical/spiritual perspective while connecting with everyday life.
  • Challenging, engaging, and thought-provoking speakers.
  • Live community dialogues on various themes (communal, conversational learning).
  • Personal stories of interaction with God from EPIC community members.
  • Flexible, interactive smaller group discussion and ministry times (including prayer & sacramental practices like communion).

EPIC Socials

At EPIC, we think that being a community includes doing some FUN stuff together. What stuff? Well that all depends on what we’re up for…
EPIC Socials are periodic EPIC community social events like house parties, BBQs, and retreats. (We also like to go out after pretty much every EPIC gathering!)
Check the EPIC Calendar on our homepage for our next Social!


EPIC Giveaways

Like any church community, EPIC needs money. We have regular operational expenses (like sweet potato fries!), and we rely on donations to cover them. We do not; however, like keeping things to ourselves. That’s why we give away part of everything we get.

At minimum, 20% of every donation received by EPIC automatically goes into something we call the Mercy Fund.
The purpose of the Mercy Fund is for money to be used to creatively fill the needs of the community around us. How does this look? We’re not exactly sure–because it’s different every time.

Once every semester the EPIC Student Church community does something called The EPIC Giveaway. We empty the coffers of our Mercy Fund, divide the money up equally, and give it to groups of EPIC members. We then tell each group to think of the best way they can give the money away. The group may re-distribute it to another student group, a family in need, a local community service, an aspiring entrepreneur who needs a boost–the options are pretty broad.By doing this we want people to become aware of the many different needs around them in which they can help out. The Mercy Giveaways should open our eyes and help build encouraging relationships with those around us. We want to bring creativity and excitement back into the act of giving to the poor and providing for those in need.

So check the EPIC Calendar for the next EPIC Giveaway that you can get involved in!

EPIC Neighbourhood

At a fundamental level, EPIC wants to be a caring community–not just a bunch of people doing programs. We know that people are great at stuff, and other people are great at other stuff. We also know that people need help sometimes. So… EPIC wants to help out.

This help can come in a variety of different forms. Since EPIC is based at the University of Alberta, schoolwork is a good example. Some courses are tough and the nature of a university is that there are people around who know that stuff. EPIC wants to get people in the community who are good at stuff to help others with it. If you are having trouble with your killer calculus course, then someone who knows calculus like the back of their hand 
should be able to offer some assistance. Maybe you’re    wrestling with confusion and that overwhelming feeling that started when university did. The good news is that there are people around who have dealt with it before and can presumably offer some advice.

It goes further, too. Is your car broken down? Maybe you need a ride. Are you moving next weekend? Maybe you need an extra set of hands. Do the walls need painting?
You get the idea. Life isn’t meant to be attacked alone, so don’t be afraid to ask for a little help. In peer-to-peer fashion, the EPIC community wants to lend you a hand. So if you have a need just email us.